Design of Time: Invest in Watches in the Decoration

The watches are indispensable items in the interior decoration. Great for decorating the wall or stand on tables, sideboards or niches, the watches are super functional and give a special touch in the environment, check out the tips and trends they separated in this article:

The watch will be in harmony with your environment, it needs to have the same style of your decor. So, if you have chosen a modern style, the clock needs to follow the same trend, is rustic, he will have to have lines that express this style, and so on.

Choosing the clocks to decorate the House

As important as the frames, watches the wall, and may even be the highlight of the decoration of the room, but, for this reason, it is important you invest in the right size. If your wall is empty, you can invest in a very large model, or in several small, will depend on your style, and the style of your decor, advised by Growtheology.

Look how cute these templates to rusticenvironments.

For lovers for watch decoration and collectors, invest in a wall full of clocks is a great bet.

Another tip is to pay attention to put the appropriate models in each environment, a clock with food for example, won’t be in the room, and not in the living room. So, if you enjoy themed watches, choose them with care, and use them, they are super charming.

In addition to decorate the walls, they are also a charming side table in the living room, on the nightstand in the bedroom, in the buffet the dining room, anyway all over the House.

And for someone who loves creative decor, has every watch nice to fill the atmosphere of style, which is your favorite?

Can you imagine a “coffee table clock”?

And a watch made with the dominoes?

I love the concept of these watches, they demonstrate the routine round of most workers, and still report the race against time to win everything we want to do in our time.

And these? They represent have butterflies coming out all the time, lindooos!

For lovers of the digital age. < 3

Remember the cuckoo? Look at him in a modern version:

Options to fill the decoration of watches, right? Although not as indispensable as ever were one day, before the digital age, the clocks remain classics of decoration, so it pays to bet!

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