Design Custom Shirts for Men

Traditional costume shirts for men

By traditional clubs and above all, through broadcasts on television the typical mountain costumes were known in other regions. People who has ever visited the Oktoberfest in Munich, has certainly admired the different costumes. So it is not surprising that in Aruba, the traditional clothing is under attack. Lady from Westphalia is wearing a dirndl dress, but for men, they have a costume shirt.

Men’s dress shirts are available in various constructions. You can wear a white shirt with buttons in stag horn design, or a checkered Bavarian shirt, which is a checkered shirt with ornaments around the edges of the button. In Bavaria, dress shirts are an absolute must have for men, even if it belongs to a traditional club. Just when you want to visit the Oktoberfest, you will surely access a different man’s dress shirt to a stylish costume lederhosen or a matching men’s traditional jacket. At Bayer, you can buy a dress shirt with matching leather pants in a store.