Dental Floss

Clean between teeth with dental floss

, Dental floss can significantly contribute to a good oral hygiene. It is available in different dosage forms and should be used already in childhood. Got, rolling, or clamping, there are different types of packaging. The removal of plaque, so as no stubborn Tartar forms, dental floss is used as well, like remove food residues and thus possible bacterial herds. A large part of the teeth can be cleaned normally with the toothbrush. Much more than up to 70 percent but it’s not usually. Especially small spaces are usually difficult to reach with a toothbrush. Even mouthwash will hardly remove last leftovers. Here, dental floss can offer the ultimate solution for a good cleaning. These should be cleaned regularly, several times a day as possible, with real teeth, as well as for crowns and bridges.

If initially there is after the application of dental floss still slight bleeding of the gums, this reaction of the gums is regulated typically very quickly. As a precaution, a dentist can be questioned however whether the application was perhaps slightly too heavy. Any gingival inflammation should be ruled out professionally. Dental floss is available in different versions. This includes waxed and Unwaxed dental floss as well, such as Gore-Tex or Teflon coatings. Also dental floss is offered tasteless or with different flavors, as well as with potential nutrient impregnations. View our listings both solitary dental floss, and so-called tooth violins to clamp and various donor.