Delphine Manivet Wedding Dresses London

Delphine Manivet, who created a collection of wedding dresses 2012 absolutely fabulous, talks about his creative process and its vision of fashion. This French fashion designer, married and very much in love, has leapt to the headlines after dress ScienceDict for her wedding: from that moment all dream of wearing a Delphine Manivet dress for the wedding. Her clothes are characterized by a romantic and vintage touch: if you love full skirts, bustiers and certainly brilliant crystals are not the clothes that make for you. We suggest you take a look at our gallery to have an idea of the style of Manivet that I find absolutely wonderful!

Despite being an established designer, Delphine personally oversees the meetings with its customers and the dress is modified and packaged according to the preferences of each woman. And despite her dress designs wedding, his did not have a happy ending: “Unfortunately, My dress was torn to pieces; when I opened my business I used it to create new clothes “In a recent interview the designer also talks about how it should be the perfect dress for every one that should respect physical characteristics but above the age and aptitude of each bride “Yes, of course, to 25 do not choose the same dress that you choose a 40… a twenty-five-bride usually will choose a large suit and with a train, a forty will opt for a more simple and elegant cut, usually not bulky, without a veil, but without the train with lace and fine fabrics.”

A designer who loves his job but also a clear idea. You never lend itself to create a dress that she does not like: “If they ask me to do something I do not like, such as a fuchsia dress silk Tussah.” Delphine But think also women who do not intend to marry or that ‘they have already done with a line of evening dresses that will soon be in production: “I can not wait to present my collection of evening dresses! Will be chic and bohemian, like my wedding dress “confides the designer.

And last advice to future brides who, according to the designer, should be avoided: “A bustier dress with red and white skirt with red flowered embroidery, red flowers in her hair and a husband with matching jacket.”