Decoupage With Napkins Laminated

Decoupage technique is beautiful, every time we find more beautiful and colorful napkins. What frequently happens is that some of his drawings are small or have details that we can not cut, or us if we cut them when you paste them breaks. So most of the time use the entire napkin.

To take advantage to the fullest the napkin is necessary toplasticize. Now craftinlearning offers the tutorial that teaches how to do it quickly and easily:


Bottle or glass bottle
Plastic napkin
Varnish or lacquer to water
Scissors, cutter

Once the napkin is plastic it is very easy to cut out the figures and also not break. To cut it smaller, or internal parts of a drawing, place the napkin on a little tray of polifane and with a cutter sharpening well making the cuts.

Once item is to paste them into the bottle, lacquer or varnish to the water on the wrong side of the figure is placed and relies on the glass of the bottle. This is done to waterproof the bottle use and washing.
Once stuck all the trimming, can with acrylic paint be touches of color, apply light and shade and even change the color of a drawing.

This is another reason where I show you how easy that is to cut it when it is plastic and thus we achieved transparency of the drawings and not to use napkin complete.

Sticks same as above, first the Middle flowers and then you will adding varnish to work slowly, controlling keep the guide which is the guard down.