Decorative Objects in Environments

The detail makes the difference. In interior design decoration objects are fundamental to create harmony, “close” the composition, emphasize the most important areas, bring your personal brand, in short, an environment without well thought out decorative objects and the right amount (especially in small environments, Worth the maximum, already beaten, but important: Less is More) are the details that make the difference. See the selection below examples in rooms in rooms where the details make all the difference:

Imagine this room without the cushions, or the mini-shelves or without the floral details that are repeated on the wall, on the cushions and on the coffee table. It is these details that cheer and bring a feminine touch to the room that, without them, would be sad and bland. (Idealhomemagazine)

And this room without the yellow outline that takes our view to the beautiful outside landscape?In addition to the cushions and other details in the same color, which establishes harmony and unity? (Katyallgeyer)

See that gorgeous chandelier in the picture above adds a sophistication that would not exist without it according to LOVERISTS. In addition, it emphasizes the green of the carpet and contrasts with the reddish tone of the furniture in the background, making the environment much more interesting and lively (sweetiepiepumpkinnoodle)

In this room we see that the picture (well positioned to the left, since there are other elements complementing the space on the right) together with the curtain and the cushion facilitate the insertion of the sofa in the harmony of the environment, spreading its reddish tone throughout the room, No regret (apartmenttherapy)

In this room the details are the only ones responsible for the oriental touch that the environment transmits: The color, the flowers in the prints and the vase, the fans and, even the original format of the headboard (alkemie)