Decoration – Stands for Fast Food in the Kitchen

There’s plenty of time for the large kitchen table: at least in the new small apartments with a small kitchen, there is at most space for a table/bench with stools, benches or small chairs, either in the kitchen or already in the room. I took pictures of some of the usual solutions:

The top of the rack was “stretched” to be used as a dining table, attached to the counter that separates the kitchen room. Note that the height is aa of a dining table (75 / 80cm) so the common chairs (with seat at 43/45cm high). To hold a dish it should be at least about 30cm deep. This project is from Maristela Bernal.

Here there is no wall or half-wall separating kitchen room, but rather a bench that works as a dining tableheight 75/80 cm ) with low stools ( seats 43/45 cm high).

Two very similar solutions: In this case the dining bench is inside the kitchen and is high (1 / 1.10m in general), being accompanied by the high benches (seat to 70/75 cm in height). To gain space, there are variations in which this workbench is collapsible: either “disappearing” leaning against the wall or, if the kitchen allows, folding its depth to fit 4 places.

It is important to note: a) If the depth is smaller than the diameter of a normal meal dish, the functionality of the table/counter top is reduced. B) Do not forget that in addition to the chairs it is necessary to reserve legroom. A minimum of 15 cm of free area under the table / bench is enough. C) Prefer chairs or benches and stools with backrest (the part where you support the back). They are more comfortable. And always test before you buy. Some seats-even heavily used-are awful uncomfortable!

Note the height ratio between the bench and the benches of these photos: Benches should be low when bench / bench is low (as in the 2nd photo) – These are one of those benches that I do not find at all comfortable…