Decoration: Rooms for Babies

Actually the title should be: Rooms for babies that have parents “cool”, those who do not want to know about flower, pet, “theme”, fluflus, ribbons, rosinha for girl, these things, that many people like and I do not have Nothing against, except the request: Beware of allergies !!!Ventilation and circulation are important! But this post is for those who do not like it, right? So here we go:

1) A cool “theme”: Is the projection of buildings in shades of gray different? But either it is the photo or that lamp is with the bulbs from so strong, watch out! 2) A room all white, with cheerful details-even that moose head, which I hate! It was pretty-in green and a beautiful black crib-be careful with this model-no one wants baby with their head stuck in the cradle of the crib, right?

1) Quartinho for twins. Difficult to find and this one is very well organized – see how the cribs are accessible from all sides and how well ventilated the room is! (Beware of wind currents, talk about it!) 2) I loved this room all beige with this chair and the puff stamped. Of course the crib could be further from the window, right? But let’s say it’s just to “look good in the picture”.rs!

1) Taí, a small room rosinha, but taken off, see? The use of beige, white and red gives a more, let’s say, “mature” tone to the room. The niches are a breeze and note that the crib has casters, very functional this detail. 2) A baby room using gray and yellow, no different? The yellow comes in to “break” – very well – the grayness of the gray. 3) A baby room adorned for the St. John, hehe! The idea of ​​making these simple comics with printed fabrics is really cool and see that the “little animals” are not stuffed, which is very good for the baby, especially allergic (and what’s not?).

1) This photo is to show that under the bed there are drawers, but I want you to see: The rocking chair-delight, the external niches in white and the comics on the wall. Small and simple details that show that there is a baby (besides the crib, of course!). 2) Another unusual color, this brown that looks a little greenish (but I think it is the photo), works well for the baby room if the furniture and objects are clear, beyond the ceiling, obvious. The super colorful comics and the mobile are super easy to make, try!!!