Decorate Home Environments with Ease Using Stickers and Colorful Wallpaper

Wallpaper, stickers, posters, mirrors and other accessories help to renew the walls and can completely change the decor of your home without spending a lot.

Decorating the home is no easy task. There are many decisions to make your singing with the your face: reforms, choosing the perfect color of paint, finishes, furniture and accessories that make up the environment.

We know that many people are looking for fast and efficient ways of giving a remodeled without spending a lot, and one of the greatest desires is to make the rooms more colorful and fun. But when you renting? Or don’t want to change the color of your wall using paint? That’s where some alternative options such as wall stickers, posters, and wallpapers.

Frequently used for convenience and for giving a unique touch to the decor, these ideas go well in any room: kitchen, dining rooms, living rooms, Office, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

With that in mind, we talked to the folks at QCola, a brazilian company specializing in this type of decor, which gave us some tips on how to customize each of rooms using these application materials easy , without high cost and with designs to suit all tastes. Check out:

FTC: How did the idea of the Qcola?

Our company emerged in 2011 under the name Apply adhesives, we started with stickers after clipping with digital stickers, decorative mirrors and recently we’ve been working with products made in MDF. At the end of last year we saw the need for change, since we were not only with stickers, we wanted to go further and with that came the Qcola.

Our goal is to assist people to decorate using the design within your home. We want to offer more than a product; create an identity for you customize your environment. Today a big difference our is the period of production of 1 to a maximum of 2 working days.Many of our competitors have long term, others do not meet the reporting. Another strong point is the customer service. In our shop we have various forms of contact and always answer the questions quickly and in the best possible way.

Something that we value is customer satisfaction, and it is through this (and the complaints of customers) that we improve our products. For example, a recent change was in the weight of the paper, before we wore stickers with thickness of 0, and today we use 0 0.08 mm, 10 mm. Seems little, but that made a lot of the application of the material.

Kitchen and laundry: tile adhesives, adhesive for refrigerator Penguin and preachers stickers in the laundry room.

FTC: How people who live in rent or do not want to paint the House can use these products to bring more color to their environments?

Our products are ideal for those renting or those looking for a quick and easy decoration.You can apply the patches and when you have to return the property just pull it out. An easy tip to do this, for example, is to heat the adhesive with a hairdryer.

We believe that these options are a cheaper way to decorate, because most of our products do not require skilled labor. And the best: If you ever get sick, all you have to do is remove and apply another.

Children: wallpaper with cloud pattern, Pooh, adhesive strip adhesive growth and girl with Unicorn.

FTC: do you have any secret to paste or maintain certain adhesives or wallpapers?

There are some techniques that facilitate the application. On our website, we explain some. If you follow a few tips, it gets easier maintenance too. Traditional wallpaper, for example, is recommended for dry environments and cleaning can be done with a damp cloth. The stickers are manufactured in PVC and ideal for humid environments, washed with detergent. The mirrors can be pasted into any smooth wall, posters already, decorate any room.

The application of both is not difficult, it is cumbersome to apply depending on the site and the material model. We’re not going to lie: it is a process that takes patience and ideally be done by 2 people. In wallpaper, for example, the hardest part is the first sheet, you have to apply it correctly, because if you get a little bent, there will be problems, but the rest is easy just go together.

Offices: letters, wallpaper adhesive bomb and the Artic Monkeys, poster on the wall.

FTC: what specific materials that you recommend for each room? You can give us some tips on how to use them in the best way?


The wallpapers are a good choice for living rooms and bedrooms, for those who like personalized spaces. The colors, textures and different designs guarantee a wide variety to suit all tastes. For each space, you should analyze the patterns and take into account the style of decoration as a whole.

Hint: in case of smaller rooms, the good news is that the print is too small so it doesn’t look like the space is even smaller. A suggestion that decreases the chances of errors is to use the product only on a wall.

If you are more adventurous, you can mix two prints in the same environment. Of course, that with caution: use the same shades of colors or mix something like flowers and stripes. The QCola also wallpaper that mimics wood, brick and stone, the finish is pretty cool!

Living room: Blue geometric wallpaper and the brick with adhesive that mimics sentence and with motifs of birds.


Adhesives are a good option to personalize the decor and they fit into practically any occasion. The place for applying them should be chosen carefully because these designs are usually tied to some topic. We have a special line of adhesives for switches, baby rooms, phrases, offices, children’s room. The pattern should follow the style of your House and to harmonize with the rest of the decor. For example, you can use posters, paintings and photos.

Bathrooms and toilets should not be forgotten in time to decorate. Nothing better than the material on the moisture.

The kitchen is dull? Put a vinyl tile that everything will work out. The refrigerator can also earn a. We have stickers for laundry too, something very different and that’s cool, because usually is an area of the House that gets more sideways, right?

In the bathroom: stickers on the box, mirrors and tile adhesive pictograms sailor.

Decorative Mirrors

In addition to decorate the mirrors can extend the environments. These are cool because they give an “up” on the walls, especially if they are used in small rooms. We have mirrors for bedrooms, living rooms and children. We have muiiiitas news for launch soon, one of them is our own blog talking about all this!

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* For the FTC, as well as being beautiful decoration have to be make sense for you and your home, no frills and without ostentation. And was thinking just about that that we join with the QCola, brazilian brand that brings products such as stickers and wallpapers to make your home a better place.

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