Cycling Planning Tips

Winter is a hard time for cyclists. In this country, it is in fact almost impossible to carry out bicycle trips. It has to be patiently waiting for the spring and summer, 2016. Still, there are plenty of places in the world where you can all year planning a cycling holiday. How to prepare for such a trip, click transporthint.

Find the right equipment

It is always the same question, the front of a cycling holiday arises – what equipment I take with me? This question can not be answered in general, because it depends on various conditions. So you will eventually need a fundamentally different equipment at a crossing of the Alps, as in a cycling tour along the Danube Cycle Path. An unpredictable factor is also the weather. It is therefore necessary precaution to pack something warmer clothes. When planning and compilation of the equipment is always moving on a thin line. On one hand, one would like to forget anything, on the other hand, too much equipment disturbing. Therefore, the principle applies: The cycling fun is higher, the less equipment is carried.

A checklist for cycle tourists

Most important for the planned cycling are waterproof panniers, because rain can occur. It is important that the entrained clothes will stay dry. Also, a wind and rain jacket or a rain pants should be run. Not forgetting Cycling Shoes incl. Socks, shorts and a gloves and a helmet. But still needed Not directly for cycling useful are trunks and shoes, sleeping stuff and T-shirts and sweaters. For orientation to cycling and walking maps, guides including resting and sleeping possibilities and optionally one recommended mobile phone. Also carrying a debit card brings advantages. At the so-called Radapotheke include a first aid kit with bandage plasters, headache tablets and insect repellent. Of course, detergents and maintenance products (shower gel, shaving kit, sunscreen, etc.) should belong to the equipment.

The right gear while cycling

In a specialized bike shop all these pieces of equipment can be purchased. Both bicycle accessories (repair kit, water bottles, tools, air pump etc.) as well as the just mentioned aspects are available here. It can therefore be the best cycling holiday plan and you experience no unforeseen surprises.