Custom Jerseys: You Already Chose Your Number?

The national football market has been growing absurdly over the past two years, and of course, with more people consuming the products the companies develop increasingly. And with that, us consumers have more product options and greater varieties of “pampering” of the main brands of the segment. And the sales leader in the national football, and who wears the most traditional country teams – including the brazilian selection-offers the insertion of the number and name, customizing the jersey according to the customer’s taste.

Then you do the question? What’s your number?

Innovation comes in handy since it bought the teams’games, the numbers are previously placed making membership in a title or year of Foundation. The of Coritiba Crocodiles, for example, is the # 85, the Flamengo FA # 87 and so on. But as the trend has changing, do not need to look far to see posts on social networks with jerseys of clubs and the national team with custom names and numbers according to CYCLINGENTHUSIASM.

Traktor offers this option on your e-commerce:

The largest and most traditional company in Brazil, Traktor, provides this service to their customers and better term delivery anywhere in the country. Making uniforms for the major teams of Brazil, the company has in your portal team options and models, and, of course, is the one that has the jersey of Brazil Ounces, which Wagner Scafati, CEO of the company, is the biggest seller.

In addition to Corinthians Steamrollers, Santos Tsunami, Mooca Destroyers, Vasco Patriots and Brazil Ounces, the Traktor also offers a unique line directed at the football theme in your line, and according to Wagner, another giant of the FA’s national closing with the company, being an option for your collection. So click here, and meet some of the varieties, choose your #número and go around wearing your official team shirt of heart. Our tip, buy the jersey Ouncewhite that is beautiful!