Curtains & blinds

Curtains and blinds to beautify your Windows

In each yet so beautifully furnished apartment a room would look necessarily bleak, if the mere window to see. To counter this, there are different ways to embellish a window. One of them is the use of curtains. A privacy is understood under curtains which front the window or to the sides of the window is hung up and consists of different fabrics such as cotton, silk, or linen. Often curtains are netted and are not completely opaque. To fasten a curtain rod is required also. At this a curtain is suspended and can be considered as privacy outside the window or decorative hanging on both sides of the wheel.

Over the years, increasingly diverse curtain models are designed so that has to be decided on a purchase between the various types of curtain. There are loops – and Ösenschals, these are curtains either fastened at the top with straps or eyelets on the curtain rod and thus provide a different look. Two other well-known species are the tier, also known as Scheibengardine, and the panels, which are called also webs. Depending on the respective opaque of materials used curtains can as privacy serve and thus provide more privacy within the room. The selection is thus virtually unlimited. Whether in different designs, materials and colours, for every room will be to find the matching curtain and allow individual decoration.