Creative Night Light Ideas

What would you say if you turn some old light bulbs in salt pans? You will receive a very original kitchen equipment, which will definitely make a strong impression on your guests.

Creative Night Light Ideas

Great Night Light

Here’s an interesting idea for recovery of exhaust or unnecessary light bulbs. What you need to supply are bulb, wax candles and a few more things.

  • lightbulb
  • candle
  • laser pointer / red or green
  • pliers with thin peaks
  • tweezers
  • paper knife
  • goggles
  • funnel
  • hammer
  • gloves
  • old sock

Use a knife or screwdriver to remove the metal disc that is the bottom of the bulb. Use small pliers to pull out what is under the metal disk. Do not stand near overhanging lamp, because the next moment will pop up broken glass, which can damage your eyes.

Break black glass, to which was attached a metal disk Use the small pliers to break. Hold the bulb, use a screwdriver to break the glass, then use scissors to carefully expand the hole.
Once again, use a screwdriver as a chisel and break the glass, which contains volfranovata filament bulb.

Cleaning the Inside of the Bulb

Clean with a toothbrush and then dry brush to clean and dry well inside the bulb. Fill the bulb with water and rub until the glass bulb does not light up clean.

Fill with Wax

Better dry bulb use if necessary hairdryer, set the hot jet. Then melt enough wax to fill the bulb and use a funnel to succeed better to pour the wax. Leave to cool.

Broken glass

Now watch out!
Protect your hands with gloves thick enough to not pass and dust in them. Challenge your newspaper under the lamp, because the windows are everywhere in your work table then.

Take a small hammer and a careful start knocking on the glass of the bulb. Once it broke gently remove the pieces, making sure that some of them have remained in the wax.

Make a Hole in the Wax

Now, use a small tool such as a screwdriver for example, to recreate a hole wide enough to allow the laser to enter without problems in it.

Highlight night
Put a laser in the hole and turn it on with star night lights featured on Josephnightlights. The result would have been strange and ethereal light that is particularly attractive in dark rooms.

Oil Lamp Bulb

Can you believe that this lamp made of light bulb costs $ 650 goals? Industrial dezayner Sergio Silva selling this lamp a “modest” sum of $ 650. If you are not interested in the offer, then you yourself can make without spending more than 10 per lev for supplies.


Once you have decided to break the system and not pay them $ 650, here’s what you’ll need to work:

  • transparent bulb
  • shoelace, best cotton
  • metal bottle cap
  • a large washer
  • two small magnets


  • drill
  • bolt, slightly smaller than the shoelace
  • Scotch tape
  • gas or oil lamp
  • sand, preferably larger
  • water

Separation and cleaning the bulb

First, take the drill and press the bottom of the bulb while breaking glass. Then pressure on the inner tube inside the bulb, where the wire and get out whatever is in its interior.

Now take the granular substance or sand, put in a little bulb and add water. Then shake vigorously to mix the mixture. Well-stirred mixture will clean the dust, which is located inside the bulb. Once you have cleaned this way all dust on the bulb, the bulb rinse and let it drain away.

The cap

Once you have finished cleaning the bulb and dried perfectly, take the cap off the bottle and the shoelace. Identify the center of the cap and drill a hole in it, starting with small and gradually expand it, while its diameter does not match the thickness of the shoelace. Before you cut, paste half with a little duct tape, so that when using scissors, you will not be disentangled ends. Spend so taped end through the hole in the cap and pull. Then screw cap with so vdyanatata link at the top of the bulb and fuse ostavyatemalak the surface, but not very long, about a centimeter.

Construction of foundation

With the puck in one hand and magnets locked from any electronic device, attach a small portion of the tape on the side. Transfer it and center one magnet tape. Cut another piece of tape and stick it around the puck so that it can securely grasp the magnet in the middle of it.

And finally

Now you only need to supply of lamp oil or gas. Before you pour the oil, place the bulb in the second magnet to move carefully towards the middle of the base. Then carefully pour 2-3 tablespoons of oil lamps light bulb. Then take the cap connection shoe last, and close the hole in the bulb – lamp. You may need a little shook the liquid, while the wick is wet enough. Then simply pick up his lighter to illuminate the night.