Creative Bunk Beds for Small Spaces

Save with bunk beds in the children’s room

The kids find nothing more exciting than a bunk bed in her room. Bunk beds allow a magnificent track of everything, the place is absolutely desirable. And of course the place to win with the installation of such a bed.

There are many ways to the classification in the nursery. You gain living or storage space. While bunk beds one above the other are two beds and bunk beds usually are called bunk beds are of course due to, which allows their acquisition, height integrated into at least one meter in the space.

So great a bunk bed in the nursery may be, they represent a potential hazard for children aged under six years of age. They can still not really estimate the dangers of falling down if they are to play. The construction and assembly instructions mentions it explicitly. Toddlers are in your household, you should always keep in mind think, during the day as a precaution remove the head. The bunk beds in our offer have about the GS mark. These stand for tested safety. The height of the parapet should be between 30 and 60 cm. The right mattress is important, it should not be a Spring mattress, they animate to the jumping on a trampoline. Our range offers a variety of safe and at the same time adventure suitable for bunk beds for the children’s room. Exciting converted from the bed of the Princess of the castle of the Knights up to the Loft bed with slide and Tower.