Create A Garden On Your Terrace

Who hasn’t dreamed of some have a garden full of life on your terrace? This desire can be realized even if your terrace is small. The only condition is to respect certain norms inherent in plants.

The golden rule to grow the garden well is to be consistent with our willingness to care for the plants. Daily stress implies a specific way of life, with shifts, weekends off, etc. We spent much time away from home. But the space that we want to create in the balcony needs some time and a minimum of attention to grow healthy.

Which plants do I choose? It is advisable to Select plants depending on the space you have available, the space you want to deal with on your balcony and the time you have to devote.

The orientation of the balcony is also decisive. If you are located to the North or a floor is low, it is best to opt for vegetable adapted to shady environments such as perennial plants . If the Sun is not direct, camellias and hydrangeas are a good choice. If the balcony faces south, the best is to choose plants adapted to full sun, Mediterranean plants.

For the maintenance of the garden it is best to install an adapted automatic irrigation system. For optimum growth, plants must receive water three or four times a night, between 9 o’clock and 9 o’clock in the morning, but in very small amounts to not drown the roots.

Be grown can a vegetable garden in my own balcony while in the city? Of course! It is possible to have an small vegetable garden in the middle of the city, but always depending on the space you have.Obviously we will not have a large quantities of vegetables, but it is possible.

For shadow areas the best way is to grow herbs, tomatoes, or even red peppers. To plant lettuce, indirect lighting is sufficient. On the other hand, eggplants and other vegetables require a direct and abundant light.

To create an friendly country best to choose small trees and mixed with deciduous trees, which evolve throughout the year, and mark the thread of the seasons. The perennials, like honeysuckle, are another excellent choice since they retain their green color.