Covers for Lg L Prime

The LG L Prime is an intermediate cell phone from LG, with launch in 2014, which promises good specifications for a good price. Users looking for layers to protect and personalize their smartphone will easily find inexpensive options for Prime, with many models available in the market. Ironically, the great variety can end up making it difficult to buy the cover for the cell phone.

Not to be lost amidst so many options in the stores, check here the most compatible cases compatible with LG’s phone. All are priced under $ 30 and are for sale in Brazil ad you can get more information from CHICRANDOLPH.COM.

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  1. Stamped (Matecki)

Increasing the LG L Prime is a good reason to buy a hoodie. This model, manufactured by Matecki, boasts varied prints that appeal to different profiles. The case has a smooth surface and is made of TPU, material that absorbs impact in cases of fall. The product costs $ 29.90 and can be purchased via the internet.

  1. Discreet (Underbody)

For those who want sobriety, the Underbody’s black polycarbonate case is a good choice. It is lightweight and does not interfere with the weight of LG’s smartphone, as well as good impact absorption. The model costs approximately R $ 20 in Brazilian online stores.

  1. Transparent (Underbody)

The transparent case of the Underbody is for those who seek minimal interference in the look of the LG L Prime. It has a thin body and is free of bisphenol, a toxic material found in most polycarbonate cases. The average domestic retail price is R $ 20.

  1. Screen Film (Prints)

If the idea is to protect only the screen, a protective film is the best option. Hprime’s premium film, which costs around $ 15, entirely covers the glass of LG L Prime, avoiding scratches. Frosted surface treatment prevents reflections and distortions in the display image.

  1. Flip Cover (Hmaston)

Available in various colors, the Flip cover manufactured by HMaston is a good way to protect the LG L Prime. Externally, the cover is made of synthetic leather, while the part where the phone is fitted has silicone protection. The inner flap also has two credit card slots, making the case also work as a wallet. It is found for $ 29.

  1. Super-Resistant (Spidermax)

The rugged TPU covers design from Spidermax makes it clear its fitness for protection.The extra rubber ensures greater shock absorption, while the cracks provide a better footprint, preventing the cell from falling out of your hands. Costing an average R $ 25, the model is found with details in the colors blue, yellow, purple, gray and red.

  1. Smooth Color (Motomo)

The covers for Lg L Prime from Motomo are ideal for those who prefer a vibrant color and at the same time traditional. It comes in unique color- white, red, blue and pink-with few details in black. The manufacturing material is the TPU, which has as main characteristic the malleability. Prices on the market range from $ 25 to $ 29.90.