Covers for Galaxy A7 Models to Protect Your Cell Phone

The  Galaxy A7 2016 is a Samsung smartphone that runs Android system and is priced at $ 1,599 in the official store. The cell phone has a body made of metal and glass-materials that, while giving an elegant look to the phone, are more susceptible to scratches and breaks than plastic, for example.

To keep the device away from damage, the user can choose from several case models available in Brazilian stores. There are versions for all pockets and styles. Here are seven skin options to protect your Galaxy A7 2016 from this list.

1) Clear View Cover With On-Screen Functions

The Clear View cover is an official Samsung model. Produced in transparent material, the case allows visualizing actions on the screen of the cell phone without the user having to open the front cover. You’ll be able to answer calls, view notifications, and even track your music in a practical way. With ultra-thin design, the accessory weighs 54.6 g and includes metal fittings on the sides. The price is from $ 289 in the Samsung online store, available in black, gold and pink, and you can also buy it from Inkomtrends.Com.

2) Textured Layer

Do you think the rear of the A7 2016 is too smooth? One solution to protect your cell phone is to invest in a textured case. The non-slip design prevents your smartphone from slipping off your hands during everyday use and still keeps the back and sides of the device away from scratches or damage. The model has matte, non-greasy molding with openings for buttons and connectors. Available in black color, the cover is priced from R $ 55,90 in online stores.

3) Discrete Protective Cover

For users who do not want to change the original design of the Galaxy A7 2016, Samsung offers a discreet and transparent case. The model protects the back of the phone from scratches and is designed with a super thin design, adding a weight of only 10.93 g.The hood also has a metal cover on the sides of the device, with cutouts for buttons, camera and connectors. The value is at $ 49 at the official store.

4) Water Resistant Cover

Users who want to take their smartphone to the beach or water rides can keep their cell phone safe in a water-resistant case. Designed in transparent material, the accessory offers complete sealing, guaranteeing submersion up to two meters deep. You can continue to use your phone’s touch screen to record photos or access messages, for example. The case comes with a transparent handle, and can also be used as a pouch to keep documents and other items safe from water, dust or sand. The price is economical: from $ 19.99 at online stores.

5) Super-Resistant “Armor” Cover

Those looking for maximum protection for the Galaxy A7 2016 can opt for the “armor” cover. The case is designed with STD 810g 516.5 military-grade super-resistant material, which is applied to equipment that withstands extreme environmental conditions and impacts. The model is more robust, covering the back and sides of the phone. There are cutouts for buttons, connectors, camera and flash. The price is $ 79.99 at national stores.

6) Wallet Cover

A practical day-to-day option is the wallet, which offers internal pockets for storing cards, money and documents. The accessory is made of synthetic leather, protecting the screen of the smartphone and the rear of damages. Apertures for the connectors, camera, and buttons are available. The cover can also serve as a base to keep the phone horizontal, interesting for those who like to watch movies, without having to hold the device. The accessory costs from R $ 19,90 in online stores.

7)  Stamped Layers

One option to personalize the look of the cell phone is to invest in embossed covers.In addition to keeping the back safe from scratches, the soft silicone accessory helps keep the smartphone firmer in use. The print is printed on transparent background and can simulate textures, show characters, landscapes and even display colorful effects.The price is from $ 24.90.