Cosmetic case

Elegant vanity case for the beauty-conscious ladies

For beauty-conscious ladies and women on the go set value on a well-groomed and perfect appearance, the vanity case is an indispensable companion. Vanity cases manufactured mostly from solid materials, which in addition to lightweight aluminium for a professional make-up case mostly colored plastics like plastic materials made of unbreakable and durable polycarbonate for a traditional vanity case have proved. To ensure the performance characteristics of your choice, we offer a wide variety of cosmetic cases. This versatility arises that is quite different cases are among our product range. You can choose in this context both between small and compact than even larger articles of the category of cases and decide on one of the beautiful colors and designs.

Regardless the outer appearance of the cases are generally equipped interior with individual compartments and sorting racks and have a retractable carrying handle. In addition, the cases by the used materials are light and handy. For special requirements, we provide cosmetic case that you can buy suitable to your other luggage because the colour possibilities are quite variable. In the context of the trend colours are currently in particular suitcase in pink, turquoise, lilac, and neon green in the Center. When using multiple nuances you expect models, where the colors mostly in tone are worked. To facilitate wearing the vanity case, most of the models that you can see here, have been extended through a riser.

Practical ladies vanity cases now reduced

Women’s cosmetic case is not only to travel its meaningful use. He is also like used in the domestic bathroom to maintain a certain order. The various articles of the women’s care are sometimes very numerous. Because vanity case is well a ladies, to safely stow the numerous utensils. The vanity case for women features a variety of storage options. Depending on the model, various drawers in which the make-up utensils can be accurately map has the vanity case. Individual open compartments are integrated into the vanity case, so that ensures a quick access to the desired article. Ladies cosmetic case is available in different sizes. Ranging from simple designs which only have minimum possibilities of storage, you can find also case, which have a large number of drawers. In addition, it can so enlarge some cosmetic case, so that a large amount of skin care products and makeup can be used quickly and easily. Women’s vanity case is produced in a wide variety of designs. With the most diverse materials are used. Hard-shell case can be found such as suitcase, which consists of an aluminium as among the various models. Both variants have high stability. In addition, a mirror inside of the case often is located, so that also the make-up is no problem on the road. Ladies cosmetic case impresses with its mobility and high capacity.