Corner & seat benches

Benches provide seating space on the dining table

Who reads the word corner seat, has a specific image in mind probably first: A family seated at a table and the dining facility consists of an old-fashioned-looking corner. The material is made of wood and upholstery decorated an old fashioned flower pattern. However, this association with the corner should be quickly replaced by another. While benches used mainly in rustic models were available, they are now available in the most beautiful and modern variations. There are beautiful models made of wood that have split, padded seat and back areas. There are now also which, completely substance are related and invite you to a cosy sitting.

The advantage of a corner bench lies mainly in the casual, emitted by them. Not every man for himself sitting on his chair, but in community round around the table. Especially in children, they are very popular, they offer but far more game options than a Chair. The children are not so tall, you can for example a castle from the corner seat and have their secret hiding place under the seat. And also cats and small dogs will find very convenient corner, invites just to the corner to snuggle into. Thus it is not just any piece of furniture, it can be a rallying point for friends and family.