The Best Street-Style of The Week (XXII)

The Street-styling It is becoming a phenomenon in the network media, are increasingly more pages dedicated to collecting the styling of anonymous Street, also ego-bloggers that every day before heading out to the street photographed the look then publish it. Other new social networks like are rage, they create a profile, break down your style garment by garment and judge and be judged is almost as common as update your facebook status. Us for the part that touches us pleased with the effort and you collect the best looks of the week.

You already have the total look Pictures marked trend this fall, although already there who dares this summer, and not only that, but that in addition to combining various colors to each other. The trick is to respect the same colour range in this case of purple roses and combine with more neutral accessories, slippers of Lanvin to the Convese and glasses retro, both in black offset the saturation of stamping.

Swedish fashion editor and blogger Daniel T It gives us style daily tracks through ModeMan, this time surprises breaking the rules of the navy style, combining a Louboutin Leopard, with the typical striped sailor shirt, a white cross blazer and slightly convoluted Chinese trousers.

The total look denim It is all a bet in recent seasons, and but take a gander at this duo, which under the same idea each one marks her style with different supplements. A good choice for ir not monochrome is to combine two shades Cowgirls in a same outfit.

The harem pants are very trend this summer, these of Comme des Garçons I think that they are too short, but it must be recognized that the styling is very successful. American and gray vest, asymmetrical white shirt, socks striped, shoes with laces slightly pointed and paste sunglasses make the rest.

I’ve always liked the polka dots, but I think that you shouldn’t abuse them, they can give a fun note to a styling of the simplest. A basic polo Piqué in charcoal grey, combined with shorts in black becomes a fashionista style to include this pattern.

It should be lots of humor to dare with an American like this. A few simple pants and dress shirt, a slim pretentiously maladjusted tie complete the fun image.

In this folk style We see as a good basic, well coordinated among themselves can give much play. A leather jacket, a few Levis in dark blue, a multirayas vest, a hat, borsalino color camel and a chelsea boots, will be great allies for this autumn.


The black and white It is almost foolproof, very relieved when you wake up and you don’t know to get, is not the case of this guy with estudiadisimo look. Perfect jacket adorned black leather studded, white t-shirt, boots tip rounded, silk scarf patterned chains closed with a golden ring and to finish a bag of handles in black.

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