Roskilde Festival Dropping Pay Bracelet-Considering Instead the Phone

Guests to this year’s Roskilde Festival could have looked forward to leave your wallet at home, but has now dropped the initiative.

Last year, we could, in the so-called “backstage-village” area at the Roskilde Festival, pay an electronic bracelet, and thus release the concern about loss or theft of your wallet.

However, guests have replaced the bracelet out 35,000 had at the last minute due to problems, and there were also complications in getting the unused money return for several of the guests. It writes DR.

Last year promised the Roskilde Festival to bring the bracelet for this year’s event, but has now opted to drop the measure, so guests are left to cash or debit cards as before.

“They worked well, and we got positive feedback, but it is a decent game to roll it out for 130,000 people. We cannot really well, and so we also need to be absolutely sure that it works, says Christina Bilde who is spokeswoman for Roskilde Festival to DR.

Christina Bilde points out, however, that the Roskilde Festival still sees great potential in the bracelet and alternative payment options.

“Going on a great many things with mobile payments at the moment. We will now use the next year to get good input from the outside and so we follow trends, so we can find out what we are doing in 2015, says Christina Bilde.

DR informs that payment the bracelet will be used on a number of other of the summer festivals such as Northside and Beautiful feast in Skanderborg.


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