Plaid, a Pattern in a Myriad of Trends

The well-known fabric of Scottish origin, to pictures, Returns with force next season, although to be fair, we have to say that it has never left. A solid bet, well sure there are between your clothing star this coming autumn-winter. An only stamped protagonist in a myriad of trends.

The Gaelic cultures were pioneers in the production of these fabrics, they used to build their kilts, typical skirts that men wore large celebrations and official events. At the beginning the tradition marked a different fabric with your own colors and shape for each social or class estates, this material always remain synonymous with dignity and exclusivity, nowadays you can find more than 7000 different types of tartan.


Inspiration ‘ punk & #8217;

In the late 70’s the tartan reappears as iconic print of the ‘punks’, urban tribe in absolute disagreement against the modern society of the time.
Roberto Cavalli presents clear men punk-inspired, that if in relaxed version. Military boots and tight and straight cut trousers, are the general tone of the parade, which blend with printed blazers and shirts of silk and chiffon. Chromatic dark role of black and some accents in red, yellow or blue klein.

Look ‘ nerd & #8217;


Victor & Rolf they prefer to play to be ‘ nerds & #8217;, the look empollon bare pants Plaid, sunglasses of pasta, cardigan point, American decorated with tissue flap, and moccasins, seems to be full today, just need the scientific calculator, a faithful reflection of the style of the Dutch designers.

Style ‘ jockey & #8217;


The famous Italian House by Paisley, ETRO, This time changes of pattern and goes for the pictures, reinterpreting the trend to the ‘jockey’, by combining pants in classic Prince of Wales tartan, with high boots for riding or failing legs. Colors natives of the land of beige to Brown dotted with Green Khaki or mustard, retro-inspired maxibolsos complete the image.

The ‘ new dandies & #8216;

The new ‘dandies’ of Kenzo, Salvatorre Ferragamo o Dries Van Noten They are also stamped pictures, on this occasion sprinkled in naranja-teja, another of the key tones for the next season. Cloth, cotton, are some chosen Fane Plaid fabrics. Classic wide-waisted, cropped pants, reversible twin-sets, or bombers, are some of the key pieces, combined with pasta to the wayfarer, document style sunglasses in skin to match the shoes, and the already legendary borsalinos type gangster.

Mixture of tissues

In Paul Smith they have preferred to use simple silhouettes and play with the textures of different materials, and natural fabrics such as tweed mix with other technological finishing as patent leather vinyl, with a very contemporary result to sober outfits that are only highlighted by intense colors such as red.

Trend ‘ oversize & #8217;

For his part in the Maison Martin Margiela prefers to emphasize pictures exaggerating their size and with some tendency to the oversize especially in the outerwear, always within a basic palette that plays with black and white.

Tartan scarves

In this same sobriety chromatic scale move RAF Simons, Jil Sander or the House Les Hommes, that you intend to total looks at pictures in austere sets with the ubiquitous grey as a dominant note.

Here are some clues that will help you to combine precious stamping this season, now you get to choose to ti, what is your favorite trend to take pictures?.

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