LG G Watch with early version of Android Wear (Video)

See a hands-on demonstration of LG G Watch with an early version of Android Wear.

It has managed the German page AppDated to get their fingers in LG’s upcoming smartwatch LG G Watch as in the video can be seen running with a beta version of Android Wear. Agency rumored having presented at Google’s i/o Conference at the end of June.

LGs smartwatch can be seen in the video hands-on with a very early version of Google Wear, so early that the screen that would show the Agency than did not work as if it were loaded. However, it is possible to get a sense of how the operating system behaves, but this time you should probably focus most by designed by agency and not by software.

However, one could see how you could display some basic information like battery level by swipe down from the top of the display. Others who are more knowledgeable in the German language (I apologize to my teacher in primary school) may be able to get more out of the video than I.

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