How to Give You the Whole Family to Access Your iCloud Photostream [Tip]

Although Photostream is reserved for Apple users, so your whole family can easily get your photos to see with this little tip.

Apple introduced Photostream in 2011 with iOS 5 and iCloud, as customers, according to the then Apple boss Steve Jobs, was frustrated at having to sync iOS devices to the computer in order to keep all the content in sync. And he had it absolutely right.

The following year was Common Fotostreams introduced as iOS devices can easily share pictures with other iOS users. However, people outside the iOS-the Club so also easily see the shared forevigelser, and this is exactly what our site will show in tip of the day.

The trick is to make your pictures publicly accessible on iCloud, but don’t worry, it’s all done via a unique URL that you can send directly in mail.

Once you have created your Common Photostream and find yourself in it, then you should press the “People” so you can see who has access.

Scroll down and hit “public site”.

Now you will shortly after gaining the ability to “Share referral”. Press the key, and send the links to all the ones you want, and are not using iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch).

They will then receive a link, and from here you can view all the content through the browser on their computer.

So should there be a possibility that the whole family can follow along on holidays or on other important events.

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