H & M and Their Developments in Garments for August 2010

Tomorrow August 5, These are new items that we find in the establishment of H & M (or at least in the largest and most centrally located) result of drip making garments from the new collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 that I can see complete in September. This what they want to do is vent when before clothes summer and gradually introduce the potential buyer new products and advancements for within a few months when it starts to do something more than cold.

And of course that the proposals are more than interesting, because once more H & M shows us that winter does not have to be a month of dark and muted colors, and that whites, blues and even some pastel tones (as more clear and metallic tones in gray) can perfectly accompany a bad weather and a scarf. Everything is to know how to combine to perfection.

We note furthermore that pictures and lumberjack shirts they are still one of their entrees for the fall although I also grateful to see like the cardigans and jerseys are predominantly open necks or swan-necks and more than pleasant and warm tones: white, cream, gray and violet. No doubt a very colorful autumn.

And as for plug-ins follow the same trend: scarves, hats and slippers in light colours combine with something more dark jeans and shirts and get a range of nuances to explore very enriching. Variety is good taste, no doubt. Now just know where to look.

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