Do You Dare with The Cheesy Sweaters This Winter?

Today August 2 I propose the challenge to imagine for a moment that it is too cold and you have to start thinking about shopping for wool, leather and fur. For this reason I ask: do you think the shirts with motifs of good boy?

The variety of these shirts is almost infinite. From the prints with reindeer and snowflakes, pastel shades and valances. It’s all admitted or fill the Bunny/dog/renitos jersey is too ñoño?

But now we see them as the quintessence of the tacky and little men, only I suggest that you expect Christmas. For those dates that invades us the affectionate spirit, we began to see these snowflakes in our sweaters of wool as more appropriate in the world. That Yes, Christmas past, nothing is no excuse.

I leave it up to your choice: do you dare you with the cheesy sweaters this winter?

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