Android Users Can Now Help Others with Lost Mobiles

The search giant has finally given Android users the opportunity to help others in need, when the smart phone is gone.

Android Device administrator, Find my iPhone or Find my phone is features on both Android, iOS and Windows Phone, who can help to find lost mobile phones, tablets and computers. Our site has this Tip: become the family’s “Sherlock Holmes” when cases deficiencies shown how to get started.

When the cases are missing, so it is mostly about being fast. Therefore, we can now happily tell you readers that Google has updated the Android Device administrator to version 1.2.12 with support for a new “guest login” feature. It writes Android Central.

This means that other Android users can login from your mobile, and possibly respond far more quickly to theft or otherwise. Once the guest has been granted access, as are the functions the same as always.

The option also has long been the standard for Apple’s iOS users, so we are pleased of course that Google now has finally updated the app.


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