11 Beauty Habits That Can Make Us Age

We like to see us well, feel beautiful and probably do many things for that to happen, but sometimes we are not aware that some of our daily habits they are making us age prematurely, and that is not what we want, right?

To try to put you remedy let a master espresso class with 11 habits that should be avoided If you don’t want to see you in a few years like Grandma’s “Something about Mary”.

Do not remove make-up correctly

OK, we know it, makeup is probably is one of the heaviest of the day and more even if we are tired, but clean the face after the day is both completely mandatory to remove the makeup as pollution.

If not, we did it, we quickly notice the adverse effects such as premature aging, wrinkles, loss of brightness, dirty pores and dehydration.

You spend cleaning

So bad it is to have a cleansing and make-up removal wrong as spend with the cleaning, especially people who have dry skin with a tendency to the dehydration since it is will get to make this problem worse if they are exceeded when it comes to keeping the skin clean.

For example, If done adequate night cleaning It is not necessary to do it in the morning because we will remove essential oils to maintain the hydrolipidic at Bay.

Do not use Solar protection

How many times have you heard that that the best anti-aging product is a sunscreen? Because the truth is that this is, use cream with sunscreen every day it prevents skin aging.

Not only burns or skin cancer are avoided, but that is the best way to combat free radicals and the spots produced by the Sun. The difference between using protection and failure to do so will also notice with the passage of the years in the State of the skin.

Poor posture while sleeping

This have already commented you on occasion, yes friends, sleep makes us wrinkles, well more accurately the positions that we adopt when sleeping. For example, if we slept side shoulders relax and it makes that neck skin wrinkling. The truth that is terrible because it’s our time of rest, of not thinking of anything, regeneration and is that our cleavage is handicapped, so without eating or drinking…

Because one thing is to leave us laugh wrinkles and another that only by sleep leave us wrinkles, hey I can accept it. The solution therefore sleeping upside down at least the maximum possible time, eventually you go getting something that not will thank only you your cleavage but also your face.

Leave the House without sunglasses

It is as important to protect our skin from solar radiation and protect our eyes and thus avoid any damage. But in aesthetic issues using sunglasses shall we frunzamos less furrowed and eyes Therefore we will thus avoid the premature by gesturing wrinkles.

Stop hot water

During the winter there is no thing that want more than a good hot shower, but the reality is that it is not so good for the skin, especially for the more reactive skins which are those who suffer most and produces over sagging.

So it is better done with warm water and alternating with Cold Jet.

Drink little water

If 70% of our body is composed of water, it is evident that We need to drink water every day, It is recommended liter and a half to twice-daily to keep us hydrated, something that of course will be reflected also in the skin. We manage to make it look more beautiful and healthy. Oh, and the Teas, soups and juices also have.

Too much sunbathing

Soak up the Sun and mostly abuse will cause the skin to age prematurely, free radicals oxidize cells and accelerate aging, causing flaccidity, wrinkles and spots.

In addition, the skin has memory so you can that you now see well and within a few years the skin will remind you of the solar excesses and begin to exit problems such as photoaging or worse still, skin cancer.

So the most important thing is not to abuse the Sun and when we take it to do so with a high sun protection.

Abuse of translucent powders

Look what makeup can do a lot when it comes to see us more beautiful, but to misuse it or use products that don’t suit us for our skin type can do that the result will be the opposite to what we seek, for example abusing the loose powder or of bronzing powders won’t make you look more beautiful but a more aged skin, becoming drier, thus accentuating all the defectillos as pores, pielecitas, facial hair and wrinkles.

In the case of the bronzing powders, a light touch is fine but a too tanned skin loses freshness and adds years.

Illuminator on dilated pores

When it comes to makeup should take into account the State of the skin, for example people who have dilated pore they should avoid the Illuminators in the area, mainly because they more remarcarían the problem and the skin would not be pretty.

Much better to apply a pre-basic that unifies the skin and apply a bit of blush.

Be lazy with moisturizer

Sometimes well by haste or laziness we left a bit of side body hydration, a simple gesture that our skin will appreciate it not only long term but by the immediate comfort that brings, above all the skins that are more prone to be Butterflied.

In addition, with the textures so fluid and rapidly absorbed that we find in the market there is no excuse.

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