Competition between Companies on Smartwatch

São PAULO–Apple has asked suppliers to manufacture 5 million Asian of the 6 million units of its three models of Apple Watch for the first quarter, reported the Wall Street Journal, citing person familiar with the matter.

The Quanta Computer, based in Taiwan, is the leading maker of Apple Watch, due for release in April. The clock is the first new product that Apple boasts from the iPad, whose first edition is 2010.

The entry model Apple Watch Sport accounts for half the production orders, while the Apple Watch, intermediate, will match a third, said a person familiar with the topic to the WSJ.

The Apple Watch Edition, top of the line model 18-carat gold, should have relatively small orders in the first quarter, but Apple plans to produce more than 1 million units per month in the second quarter, reported the newspaper, quoting the source.

Apple’s clock, which will cost from $349, you can receive calls and messages, play music, serve as a digital wallet for purchases and monitor heartbeats through special sensors.

Apple says no comments on rumors or speculation. The iPhone maker’s shares grew up 1.9% to a record $129.45 value on Nasdaq Stock Exchange, on Tuesday.

Several company rivals have already launched its smart watches, including the Samsung Galaxy with Gear and Motorola with Moto 360, but the category has not yet taken off in terms of sales. Research firm Canalys said last week that only 720,000 watches with the Android system Wear (used by models from Samsung, Motorola and LG, among others) were being sold in the second half of 2014.

Experts and people close to the industry are betting that the Apple Watch can give the necessary impetus for the air category. The arrival of the iPhone manufacturer in the segment can also help developers of other technologies. The adoption by Apple Wireless battery recharging in your watch can be decisive for this feature, which has been in limbo for years.


The core of the Apple Watch has a retina display, with a chip S1, without specifications developed by Apple. (“It’s the architecture of an entire computer on a small chip,” the company said). The Watch has a microphone, support the NFC (near-field communication, to be used with the Apple Pay for mobile payments), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and a number of sensors. The main of them are in the back of the clock (i.e. in direct contact with your wrist), heart rate measuring, passômetro and other indicators with a focus on health and physical activities.

The Watch comes with the Activity App, which attempts to stimulate your user to stay less time sitting and doing more exercise from three circles, that need to be complete over the course of a day: the Moves (which shows the calories burned), Exercise (which shows how long did you do physical activities) and the Stand (which shows how often you got up from the Chair to take a break).