Comet Jewellery

Meticulous work together gold and diamonds to create handmade creations that encapsulate the desires of every woman…

Meticulous work together gold and diamonds. Jewelry created with skill and care by artisans to incorporate into small drops of light to the wishes of each woman. These are the characteristics of the creations Comets jewelry.

One of the new 2015 home accessories comets is the collection Astri, a fresh and young collection designed to enhance the symbolic and emotional evocations. Astri is a collection consisting of bracelets and necklaces, strictly combined together silver and made ​​of various beads colore.Tra other innovations are We Share, a bracelet collections devoted to him and she lets two lovers or two friends have the same jewel shared. Brand new for the summer is not over, Comets jewelry collection Holy enriches its range of creations made ​​with a line dedicated to the sanctity of crosses and rosaries in Swarovski and cubic zirconia. Unlike the collection Infinite instead studied about colors while Cornflower tip of diamonds that fit within flowers and crosses.
The brand which recently celebrated 40 years of career and activity in the gold sector and for the occasion He was presented the
collection “Butterflies” in collaboration with the wedding planner Enzo Miccio, who has been combining his creativity with craftsmanship and Comets Jewels. It is a precious and light collection, where the jewel becomes a fundamental element for the bride.
Among other collections comere jewelry that deserves to be mentioned we can remember Desideri, a new line of precious jewels recommended for a special occasion made white gold with diamond double band. Jewels that cater to a refined and classy woman.