Combining White Pants Is Easy

Are you one of those who have thousands ofpants , but do not know how to combine white pants? The white pants is a classic that should be present in the wardrobe of a man. Moreover, it is now a trend, and has spread more than we expected and hardly noticed. So, what better, learn how to combine white pants.

Depending on the type of pants you choose, whether demin, linen, cotton, etc, you should bet for a casual, sport or formal look. So here agooddir offers three options for you to know how to combine white pants without thinking twice.

3 Tricks On How To Combine White Pants

Many times we read fashion magazines to see what is worn every season, but there are clothes that never go out of style like white pants. So knowing how to combine white pants will give you the key to wearing timeless and alwaysperfect.

Designers like Calvin Klein, Hermès, Balmainor Dior   love white pants and bet on a total White look or even a more classic style, such as the navy style.

Shortly after, with the arrival of the new season, fast fashion stores have filled their shelves with proposals like tayloring, jogging, denim… So, the fashion is wearing white pants yes or yes.

The problem is that often the color whiteprevents us think of combinations. But do not worry, today in demodaybelleza you will learn how to combine white trousers.

#1 How To Combine White Pants In A Casual Way

This is definitely our favorite. The best thing you can do when you do not know how to wear white pants is to wear denim. In this case, as you see in the images, in demodaybelleza, we have opted for a demin shirt in electro blue color of Zara.

If you want to look taller with this look, ideally not add more more visual cuts in the look, as this would shorten our height. So it is best to dress in a clear footwear that maintains the chromatic continuity of the pants. And you’ll already have your perfect demin look. What do you think of our proposal?

#2 How To Wear White Pants In A Sporty Way

Do you dare to wear a total white look? That is, wear a white top-down look. This isundoubtedly the star combination. Many have already joined this fashion, and dare to combine white in pants and shirt. Although you must becareful, because it is risky.

To always hit with a whole white look, it is best to choose similar colors as the raw and roasted to complement it, without going with the pants and shirt to 100% the same. If you add some sports, you already have your sport look ready.

#3 How To Combine A Stylish White Pants

The white pants are very elegant if you use them to create a navy look. All you have to do is weara light navy blue shirt and a navy blue blazer. I recommend using handkerchiefs to give the final finish to this look.

You can see our guide on how to fold the pockethandkerchief, and the two youtube tutorials so you can choose which one you like best and learn how to fold handkerchiefs easily.

I leave here the two links of the video tutorial.

  1. Guide to folding basic pocket handkerchiefs
  2. Guide to folding fashion handkerchiefs

This look is a more arranged option than the previous ones, for the summer nights that require a more strict code.

I hope you liked our article on 3 ways tocombine white pants that has become so fashionable.