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, A complete football equipment includes not only pants, Jersey and Shin pads, but also knee socks or socket. The latter is especially popular with many players, as they allow the wearing of normal socks including. Nozzles are something like leg warmers and are usually made of nylon, cotton, or synthetic materials such as nylon. Usually, the sock-like garments are colour matched to shirt and pants and thus provide information on the Association of the player who wears it. Now no limits are set more the possibilities of colour. Because the football jerseys are now always striking and colorful, this is the case also in the socket. The color palette ranges from subtle variations as black or white up to trend colors such as purple or Turquoise.

The actual point of connection is not it however, to colored accents, but to protect the Shin of the athlete. Primarily, the footballer to apply while Shin pads, but often even socket help light clashes. Furthermore, these give additional stability when the Shin protectors and prevent that they move during the game and in the movement. Even in bad weather, football studs are beneficial. Because they consist mostly of very thick and sturdy fabric, help them against the cold and wet and thus allow a more comfortable game to the athletes. Nozzles are generally so indispensable for a well-prepared football. The game is dangerous and uncomfortable without it possible, but in any case. Who is looking for a pair of matching nozzle, which is right here. After just a few clicks, you can find a huge variety of different nozzles. Especially the color selection is very large and offers the right model for every footballer or interested certainly.

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Today are worn nozzles in various areas of sport. They were seen rather as a costume years ago, but they are already a basic equipment for the sport. In soccer, ice hockey or other sports, such as tennis, the legs of athletes are covered up to the thigh. You can choose to your connection made from a wide variety of variants. There are also these in different sizes and also the colors are very different. Especially about the Shin guards, you can wear the nozzle so that you have a better and more effective protection.

, There are the nozzles or leg warmers, as they are also called, in a wide range of variations. There are no boots, but they have a rubber belt up so the pieces cannot slip. The leg warmers, which mostly come in sports, mostly consist of synthetic fibers. But these are made from polyester or acrylic. The cuffs are also very flexible and can adapt to your legs very well. Are the socket in a way as knee-length socks, because they attract are up to the knees. Football Socks are also called Web connection and the Football Socks are alternative nozzle used as. Slipping down the clothing on your legs is thus guaranteed in a certain manner. You will achieve a very comfortable fit through the pipe and you’ll notice also little difference to the normal bar socket or knee socks. The nozzles are very often used especially for sports such as football or ice hockey. You will receive a very high quality and the material is quality.

The nozzles are pulled over the apparent leg protectors and keep tight and secure it in place. The club sport where wearing Shin protectors is mandatory, uses whatever the so-called cuffs. The saver attached with Velcro to the calf could be solved or slip. This would represent a risk of injury and also cause disability of the respective player. The remedy is with the outlet the. In addition warm up the muscles of the calf cuffs and wear to avoid muscle injuries.

Soccer outlet is available in myriad colors and therefore suitable can be chosen by each team facilities. They contribute to the uniform appearance of the teams. There are also bi-colour patterned along the flat connector. In our range, we provide various variants of connection for you. You have the choice between socket with Jetty and SOCKS connection. In addition normal socks are worn with the dock connector. In addition to the SOCKS connection, it can be no other socks. The socks ports are perceived by some players as comfortable as these can cause slip never upward. Jetty supports should be replaced, if book up from the jetty or torn, because then the bridge could knock down what would be uncomfortable during a game. Sure on the correct size when purchasing. The socket must be closely at the leg without to constrict. This please keep in mind that space must be for the Shin guards including.