Clinique Lipsticks for White Teeth: Smile, Baby, Smile!

White teeth without bleaching? New lipsticks promise optical brightening through a special color scale.

This is what we know about: We have found the most beautiful red or orange for our lips – exactly the lipstick that we have always wanted.Until we smile at each other in the bathroom mirror – and get a little fright: Have the teeth ever been so yellow?

Some colors do our lips well, but our teeth do not.So we can decide: Either the whole day to pinch lips – or to give up the perfect color.

Clinique has addressed the problem and has adapted itself for new lipstick paints on a color scale used by dentists. Due to the ideal color contrast to the teeth, they should be optically brightened and appear whiter. Prima reason to go again to the hunt for new colors … After all, we have saved huge sums which we would have had to spend on a whitening.

The Clinique “Color Specialists” line up in the normal lipstick line. According to,  they are available in creamy texture in the “High Impact Lip Color” line in the colors After Party, Go Fig, Peach Po and Red-y To Wear. The so-called “Color Surge Butter Shine” line has the colors Pink-a-Boo and Raspberry Crush in the assortment, as “Long Last Lipstick”, the color Twilight Nude.