Climbing Harnesses

Stable secure harnesses mountaineering on steep slopes

Before hatch starting a tour of the mountain climbers first in their harnesses. Then not only hooks and carabiners, but also still pulleys and other helpful items for every mountain – tour dangle them. Climbing harnesses are used for many mountain – sports, because in them the ropes necessary to secure are latched. Special nodes combine climbing – hook with the ropes and be firmly fixed to his belt by the mountaineers. The other end of the rope the climbers engage now always first in the next hook to the wall before they off latch then your cable from the previous hook. The belt includes the lower body and both thighs, all three parts are connected by a stable belt. He secures the mountaineers against falls and allows a controlled abseiling on steep slopes.

After countless tours along the rock walls shows your climbing harness many scratches and you consider therefore the speedy exchange of their equipment? This is a good decision, because in addition to a good rope, your climbing harness ensures you best during your adventures and of course you need to rely at any time on the quality of the materials. Here you will find a wide selection of climbing harnesses, which leave hardly a wish. Look for wide or narrow belts, need additional support on the upper body or they prefer the classic Variant for the lower body? Need extremely stable harnesses or you better like soft padded strap? Matter whether you need for yourself, your partner or your child climbing harness. See our large selection with safety harness, you can order quickly and easily online. Choose from a wide selection of colors and shapes, because for every area of application we have the suitable harnesses.

Numerous Climbing harnesses for climbers

Serve the safety harnesses and are a very important part of any climbing gear. Climbing harnesses are the only link between the climber and the rope in case of a fall. Their characteristics must be designed so that they absorb the force so in case of a crash and distribute to the whole body, that the risk of injury is prevented by the high force and ruled out. In addition they must be designed so that blood circulation is not restricted or suspended also under high force.

Harnesses are designed from high quality material and in their nature for such hardship cases. Further, Climbing harnesses allow a hanging in stable weight location, which ensures a painless hanging after a crash. Hanging in stable weight distribution during unconsciousness or inability, to bring even after a crash in this position is particularly important. When harness is on very good padding to avoid bruising or constriction in the investment field. The material of the harness is absolutely tear-resistant and stable. The seams of the harnesses are made of highly durable material, to prevent tearing. Whether you opt for a pure hip belt or a combination of chest and waist belt, you need to know. It is important to select a climbing harness so that it is suitable for your weight and your height. We offer all variants of safe and high-quality harnesses.