Climbing gloves

Climbing gloves you optimally protect your hands

To protect of the delicate skin of the palms, climbers like to use climbing gloves. That sounds plausible, because mountaineers cling to rough and sharp-edged stones exclusively with their hands and run the risk of hurting constantly up. Numerous manufacturers for any situations of course offer also the right hand clothing. So, mountain sports, for example, between gloves made of fabric or synthetic fibres or even rubber models can choose. Be climbing gloves searched for easy terrain, mountaineers choose like tight-fitting gloves made of breathable materials to prevent Sweaty Palms. In addition to choose climbing gloves are available here with or without finger tips not to renounce the touch of his finger. Well padded and fitted with sophisticated rubber surfaces score gloves for more demanding tours, here even a wedging of hands between two boulders leaves no bad marks.

Are climbing gloves always at the forefront when it draws you into the mountains. You feel so sharp-edged boulders, girdle logs, clean debris fragments out of the way and require the utmost your gloves. Of course your gloves with the time may look worn out, as long as they work well. But eventually, the formerly best quality acknowledged their service and now you are looking for an adequate replacement for your loyal companion. No matter what color you prefer, whether you are looking for climbing gloves in various colors or whether a technically sophisticated and rubber gloves for extreme use you have in mind, take a look at our selection. Also for use on loose in the summer we have appropriate models to choose from.