Cicret Bracelet Dreams of Bringing Android to Your Skin, If Pass You Pay Me This Other Thing

While the fever of the wearable is continuing and increasingly we see more and more devices that we can dress, some let their imagination fly and veer the smartwatch concept to other more typical of science fiction.

So you would come Cicret Bracelet, a small bracelet to us It would project the screen of your Android phone on the wrist. The project, which is said to be underway, is looking for funding and is ambitious. Perhaps, too.

‘Bangle’ Cicret (developer of an application to send encrypted messages, without much success at the moment) would have a picoproyector that is activated with a twist of wrist, with which we could interact with a series of proximity sensors installed on the bracelet.

Still quite skeptical of the possibilities of the project, the guys at Cicret looking for 700,000 euros to finish the prototype. But the thing does not end there, and that is that the 300,000 first of these would be in addition to carry your messages application to all platforms, and they would be donations outside the usual platforms of micropatronage.

Therefore this concept seems more a way of call to pay for your application, that moment have managed to entice some two hundred persons, completing 8% of its objective.

There is no doubt that the concept is interesting, but a device of this type seems something impossible from here to a few years. Meanwhile, it is relying on screens and more bulky designs.