Christmas Decorations For Kids

Decorate your home this Christmas with these ideas, we’re sure going to love them to the smaller House!

Spheres ninja

We started with this incredible offer. You only need green spheres, ribbons of colors, eyes for puppets or marionettes and a little glue. Don’t the famous turtles like to your children? Don’t worry, you can try to create other children’s characters. Give rein to your imagination. Don’t limit yourself! On the internet you can find inspiration to spare.

Monkey socks

What do you think of these snow monkeys made of socks? Adorable!, do you not think? To make them, first cut the socks as shown in the image. Subsequently fill with rice in the bottom of the sock and used two leagues to split the trunk and head. Are you ready? Now place buttons, pieces of fabric for scarfs and the needles eye. Finally turn the remaining part of each sock and used as a hat.

Chocolate monkey

And since we’re talking about monkeys snow, you share here another idea inspired by them: pallet of biscuit covered with chocolate. It is very easy to prepare them, you only need cookies, sticks, melted white chocolate and candy colors circular black (for mouth) and orange (for the nose). Place them in a vase or a bowl, will be incredible… Although probably disappear in seconds.

Balls of ice

We are confident that this proposal will leave not only delighted children, but also captivate your guests. What do you need? Contrary to what you might think, not much: balloons, water and artificial or batteries, tea candles is everything! Also there are few steps that you must follow to make them. First fill balloons with water and then put them in the freezer. Leave them there until they look like the photo. Then put them where you want, preferably in a cool, dark place, and placed a light behind each balloon.

Tree blocks

We don’t have to tell you the name of the blocks you need to create a Christmas tree as that you show in the, right? An idea that will allow you to spend hours of fun with your kids putting together a highly original tree. Don’t forget that areas can also create them with blocks. Not an eye “pino” doesn’t have to be as large as the photography. You can even do tiny landscapes with blocks, remember that this type of ornaments, in addition to being adorable, are trend!

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