Chores for School, the Most Beautiful and Original Ideas to Do with the Kids

Ready to do many chores for school? Then here is the most beautiful and original ideas to do with the children: tissue paper, bond paper, recycled materials and lots of imagination to have fun and grow up doing chores and unique original.

These chores to do together with the children for school are suitable to create educational objects like pen holders or DIY backpacks.

Craftsmanship and creativity, alternated the study and theoretical subjects, are essential ingredients for healthy growth and effective educational programming.

I work for the school are an original way to create objects suitable for colorful and fun school as DIY cases and backpacks.

We must also be careful that children, while creating jobs, not get hurt and that they are already trained in the use of sharp tools, glue or solvents.

He took the proper precautions, so we can start with the jobs that we have collected in this gallery of pictures of jobs suitable for school.

Primary school jobs

At this stage you have to leave the kids with the fantasy but also give them the precise coordinates.

How about we play with them a notebook with paper and decorate it with markers and easy object as in this picture?

In this way the children will also learn to care for their children’s books.

If you want to learn to keep their kids, let them do a penholder put on school desk: painting a pot of yogurt, the result is really nice for a simple chore … smiling.

If you go to the lab, instead, you can use ingredients such as raw dough, acorns, leaves, or Das.

Some advice? Avoid using too many expensive materials: in this way you will give a double feature at the chore of creativity and energy saving for the sake of the planet.

Chores for secondary school

Very nice for this age are the chores with books and recycled paper but also creating agendas coated jeans or designing a backpack DIY with crochet or knitting needles.

Do you remember this?

The elastic strap for carrying the books! Easy to accomplish with elastic 5-7 cm and a buckle to get your books in order.

Finally you can create with a smaller elastic bend, a penholder applied on your agenda:

Get help from a good sewing machine and apply customised paper that then you will glue to the agenda and you’re done!

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