Choose a Good Collar for a Dress Shirt

Choose a good collar for a dress shirt

I always prefer a thick neck with large parts that hide the tie to avoid exceeding under the collar, which give a masculine (approx 8cm.)- Because a narrower neck would be too feminine-and finally that go my costume and do not disappear below. Remember that the shirt collar should always arrive earlier than the jacket to raise your silhouette. We often talk of the cervix, but is less known that there are 3 types of necklines (portion on which is put the collar) and they determine the look of your neck. Here are the different necklines and as I make my choice:

  • The English neck: Very narrow neck that goes high on the neck and gives little comfort but gives a very formal look. I find it perfect for the office, but it is less comfortable.
  • The French Neck: Less high than the English, it provides a less formal look. It is also ideal for office and helps to be a little more comfortable than in an English neck.
  • The Italian neck: This is a wider neck falling down. It gives a good freedom of movement and a more relaxed pace. This is the perfect collar for a casual shirt.

In the ready-to-wear is often hard to choose his neck because it is not a requirement specified by brands. Even the brands dedicated to the dress shirt rarely communicate on this point. Read more on To you to go fishing for information and document you!

 The stiffness of the neck

Once the neckline chosen (or not), I check the rigidity of the neck that is important. A stiff neck presage a nice shirt quality without the guarantee.But a stiff neck is mostly a passport for elegance. There is nothing more awkward than a soft collar that goes in all directions . To keep the collar in place, you will find in the collar a little hard element called “whale ” which stiffens the neck and prevents the collar points to recover since these tips should always stay glued to you. They can be sewn into the neck or removable and I prefer the latter. In general, the whales are plastic and removable stays allow the change once they are no longer rigid. Most fans can buy metal whales  (home Striiiipes in this photo) or horn to stiffen the neck to perfection. However, be careful not to lose!