Learning & experimentation

Creative support and learning fun

‘S still no master of the sky has fallen and so there is just for little rascals to explore plenty and discover. There are problems at school, let’s help our learning and promotional games against frustration and provide the necessary motivation for further learning. If children are promoted properly by their parents, they notice that you are interested in them and their problems. It is important to generate any pressure, but to support the children according to their abilities. Because even if learning is not always fun: Practice makes perfect. Here, everyone has his own learning pace and his own way of learning. There are many different learning techniques of mnemonics filing boxes to knowledge networks, and so it is important to find out the appropriate technology for the individual types of learners.

To make an another way, learning what’s new and exciting discoveries, are experiments. Experimentation is not very much fun, but promotes also concentration, observation ability and imagination of the dear little ones. In our extensive selection you will find everything, quenches the thirst of curious adventurers and ensures wide astonished eyes of children of the chemistry set up the history.

Learning and experimenting – you hereby encourage your child

Which combines gyro Gearloose from the popular comics of our childhood, Mr Artur Fischer of Fischer dowel and the people who invented the ingenious bicycle “Air garage” for lamp posts? An irrepressible curiosity, perseverance, to think unbroken creativity, intelligence and ability across borders. Learning and experimenting brought and brings the inventors of yesteryear and today to top results. We offer ample ideas for yourself and your children from the fields of chemistry set, electronic modular and experimental kits. They serve significantly to understand relationships and recognize. Basic knowledge is acquired. Learning and experimentation, as well as the acquisition of knowledge leads then to the next stage, the playful use of known knowledge and well-known skills and abilities. This leads to new even devised experiments. Do you think that inventions can succeed only some few geniuses? No. The first step is learning and experimentation. Through the fun and creativity of more advanced able to develop new ideas, to check and implement. Develops the necessary staying power with. We want to prepare you and your “young researchers” on future possibilities. Our offer to the learning and experimenting, you and your children find out where the talents lie. Later you may remember everything started with products for the research and for the education. We hope you enjoy exploring our offers and later realize! The wide offer will certainly convince you and through the many areas, certainly you will find the appropriate learning materials for your child.

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