Chemise Office Artist Bonnegueule

Around The Owner

It is this surprising baseline that welcomes us to the site and immediately gives the tone of this young brand Paris.

Office Artist (no “e” in artist) to work on the key 3 a shirt for man to create quality models:

  • cutting: it meets the requirements of the office and was found from the first users to test rendering and perfect elegance
  • the tissues: the NIOHC has focused on English and Italian two-ply fabrics that guarantee strength, durability and aesthetics
  • how: the brand chose the assembly hand in specialized workshops in Morocco with stitching 7 points per centimeter and cross stitched buttons for durability (except the last 0to limit tensions in the tissues)

Focus on shirts Arist Office

The shirts are cut proportionately, it said on the site but small details, they are available as 38 (S size) to 42 (size L). The guide size is achieved which will avoid making mistakes, even if the delivery and returns are free.

In colors include conventional designs to wear in the office:

  • White
  • blue
  • rose
  • striped
  • checkered

Two types of neck are available following models: the classic collar with a reasonable opening and the small collar to wear with tie slim.

These shirts are therefore perfectly match a blazer blue or gray and are aimed primarily at young professionals who enter the world of work.

The details that no use: the name shirts invitation to travel since each shirt bears the abbreviated name of the largest airports (JFK, LAX, JFK …)

Price level, the shirts are offered for 90 or 95 €. Note that the brand has chosen not to make sales because it is not selling off quality. This point of view is being discussed. Note that it is possible to deliver undo his shirt in the day by courier in the capital.

A Paris boutique

For starters, there is a Paris boutique called Le Salon (in the 6th arrondissement). The goal is to feel at home and have a real shopping experience that reveals the brand.