Check out Bouts Sneakers

The Bouts brand is a Brazilian brand that brings a lot of quality, resistance and durability, as well as betting on modern design and style.

Special for those who enjoy doing physical activities, this brand bets on the male, female and also children.

Bringing several models with modern colors, the brand works especially with 4 technology versions, the Fly TS that brings in its models a lot of comfort, lightness and protection in the footsteps, and is a production of great resistance and durability.

It brings flexible insoles and ventilation system and absorption of perspiration.

The Gel TS version features a TPU stabilizer plate, which has long memory and resistance, shock absorbing gel dampers and non-slip sole.

The Spiral TS version features the impact damping system with Swiss stainless steel springs and also nickel plated steel, non-slip sole and soft insole with high memory.

And finally the Tower TS version that brings towers and bars in TPU that offer flexibility and high memory. And with special channels for the passage of air provide the absorption of strong impacts, softening the floor.

According to Shoesespecially, it also has non-slip soles with stabilizer plate. As you have seen the brand of tennis Bouts is even a brand such as sneakers that invests in your walk.