Check Out 4 Safety Tips When You’re Camping

Camping is a fairly common activity among travelers and adventurers to extreme sports enthusiasts. Get in touch with nature, exploring new places and discover amazing landscapes are experiences that motivate campers to bet on different destinations. After all, in the summer or winter, not lacking in Brazil are amazing itineraries, isn’t it?

The practice of this ancient modality that is camp, however, requires measures that are essential to the well-being of those involved. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to the conditions of the area chosen, its characteristics, as well as items that will be used, and other factors.

To learn more about security when you go camping, see below 4 tips we’ve selected.

1. Be Sure To Take The Fundamental Items

It is very important not to forget key items to this type of trip. So, ideally, you make a list of those objects and check them before you set foot on the road. In addition to remember to take them, you should make sure that they are in good condition for use. Check out the basic equipment required:


thermal insulator;

sleeping bag or inflatable mattress from CampingShip;



first aid kit;


accessories (Pocket knife, flashlight, batteries, GPS);

personal hygiene products (toilet paper, brush and tooth paste, biodegradable SOAP, towel).

2. Plan The Itinerary

Trace an itinerary to be guided during the time spent camping. Regardless of which for this period, you must program each stop, destination, distances to be travelled by day and until the spending forecast (including an amount for emergencies).

For this, it is interesting to create a spreadsheet detailing each tour information and have a map of the region for any queries. In addition to avoid unexpected and be a safety measure when you’re camping, this planning is a good way to share travel and daily meeting places and its main points of interest.

3. Choose The Place Of Parade

Speaking of charts, don’t forget to choose the place where they will be mounted. Take into account accessibility criteria, conditions and structure of the camping.

Note, for example, if the site has a community kitchen, individual bathrooms and hot water, power point and area covered. Another factor to consider is the situation on the ground, which must be flat, away from water courses, free of stones, pieces of wood and other objects which could damage the tent or even the inflatable mattress.

4. Pay Attention To The Use Of Equipment

Regarding the use of the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention in the correct way of handling them. The tent, for example, must be mounted according to the manufacturer’s instructions and it’s interesting that you do this before you start the trip. Therefore, test the items in advance both to familiarize yourself with them how to check your quality.

You should also be careful when using the stove. Never take this accessory into the tent (to illuminate the interior, prefer flashlights and lanterns battery) and keep it in a secure position to prevent burns.

Taking preventative measures and safety when you go camping, you can ensure a trip full of good moments and memories. So don’t give up a good planning!

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