Chat Girl TV: Shopping at Romwe Quality of Parts

Monday, July 20, 2015

Are you tired of knowing that I love to buy clothes from China. Most of the blog are partnerships with Yankee stores, and everything has a reason. But the clothes are beautiful, stylish and quality in most cases, the parts are very cheap.

Chat Girl TV Shopping at Romwe Quality of Parts

Had already made a video showing all my purchased on Ebay and Aliexpress (who didn’t see it, click HERE). And now I decided to make a video with parts of one of my favorite stores: ROMWE.
Many of the Yankee stores have a lot of clothes, and the Romwe WINS there are more dots in this regard. There are several outfits brand, unique and exclusive super cheap. This is one of the reasons that make me buy so much there.
Liked it and want to know more about the site? Gives the play!

A lot of beautiful thing, isn’t it? To facilitate, I brought all the direct links. Checks out there!
Hearts blouse – Set sweater – skirt Set – Dior t-shirt – Black Velvet Dress – assimetrico Dress – Dress candy color blue – kitten Print Dress – Dark Flower Print Dress

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