Charles Frederick Worth Influences

Just for a second believe the story that there is a time machine, we close our eyes and riapriamoli thinking that we are in a street crowded Parisian 1800s. What it is around us?Definitely not skyscrapers, shops with windows digitized and people hurried their way through the crowd talking on cell phones. The atmosphere at that time was different, favolesca the call.The first aspect that makes me think of this adjective to describe this period of history is definitely given precisely by fashion. The women in those years had a way of bringing the clothes and choose them above all, a lot different from ours, in fact, the clothes will not purchased in the beautiful shops packaged and canned, but were ordered from tailors and custom made. The reference model was almost the same for all and therefore quite stereotyped, how to create a jacket, a skirt or a shirt was the almost similar, but each had its own cut and sewn dress for your body size.


Towards the mid-1800s, however, a young man named Tailor Charles Frederick Worth was about to radically change the history of couture, giving birth to the first of collection points for a designer Haute Couture.
Worth began working in a very famous shawls store that time, and already there, as sales person, invented a very important figure: the model. In fact to increase sales saw fit to wear to a colleague (who would later become his wife!), Models in which customers were affected. But his creative flair was just in its infancy. Always for his beloved, he began to realize the simple white dresses characterized by the crinoline, which was immediately noticed and requested by its customers. The crinoline was his invention and if you’ve never heard of it until now, you should not feel guilty because it’s something that you no longer use by several years.And ‘a sort of “scaffolding for clothes”, a skeleton , a support, on which the cloth and the suit takes shape is rested …. You know those beautiful dresses with big skirts and pompous princely ?? I speak just these here! In 800 all the women were dressed that way seeming enormous colored meringues, and the crinoline was majestic, huge and full of fabric, more the woman was wealthy and had an important role in society. Only the part of the neckline and shoulders was left uncovered: at that time the neckline was important for women!
I can only imagine the strength it takes to walk with a dress like that… I think that in the winter I love to wear stockings, leggings and comfy sweaters, the summer instead would wear only the lightest silk clothes!


But I ask you … you can understand the importance of this man in the history of fashion???
E ‘easy to deduce it.. with Worth in fact, has been abandoned and shelved the idea and conception of the tailor who sewed simply a dress, respecting canons dictated by the customer, and has found its way instead the figure of the couturier, which carried out the collections of dresses, which affixed a label to the heads, that displayed in the windows of his store and on women / her icons clothes.


I decided to tell you about this important character in the history of fashion not only for these reasons, but also because a few years ago the Worth house was unearthed from the collaboration established between a young Italian designer Giovanni Bedin, and the ‘Indian businessman Dilesh Mehta.
together they managed to give birth to some truly spectacular garments, which are declared inspiration to the wonderful outfits of Worth. Repurposed and modern twist and “more mettibile”, those of Bedin are high fashion clothing, handmade in Italy and finished by Atelier LEMARIE in Paris, which are definitely not worn every day to go out with friends but I find it wonderful creations, elegant and imaginative, who can perfectly communicate the mean of their creator: to revisit and rediscover one of the most important couturiers in fashion history.

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