Characteristics of Tents

If you succeed in size and our use of the store is essential, minimal materials for the comfort of our family.

Getting wet at night is not pleasant and having to keep track of time is not convenient.

There are quality camping tents and there are real “bungling”.

The price can give us an idea in this regard.



  • Tissue Type
  • Water column
  • seams
  • Structure

Tissue Type

To the outside usually polyester, cotton or a mixture of both are measured in Deniers “D” (this measurement indicates the amount of yarn / filament cm2).

Fabric quality is determinative as to impermeability or water column, breathability, insulation and resistance to breakage.

The fabric greatly determines the cost of the tent.

What it is the best fabric?   Undoubtedly cotton for its thermal insulation capacity, but it has its drawbacks: weight, volume and price.

Most tents are made in polyester because its value – price – weight is optimal.



The water column

This is a standardized test to measure the impermeability of the material of the tent, on the ceiling and floor.

Which it indicates the resistance of the tissue / material ingress of water or impermeability. As the manufacturing materials are different in the body shop (roof) and on the ground for this two values are as follows: water column ceiling and floor.

Why are some tents only indicate the water column ceiling?

This is because the soil is not attached to the body shop, you must pay attention to this, it is not the same shop floor bath type a non – union with the ground.


Sealed seams


It is a very important detail, which tells us is that the seams at the joints of the fabric are sealed to keep out water.





The most common materials for the structure are fiberglass rods, steel pipes and the latest technology are inflatable structures. The quality of these materials on the one hand the mark Store weight and wind resistance on the other.

This does not mean is that if fiberglass rods are quality may have the same capacity of wind resistance than steel.

Inflatable structures can cause distrust but they are the best choice for a quick, easy and you can do it one person assembly. The main drawback is its price, but if reliability premium has a high cost.

Outwell guarantees wind resistance is determined by the tests carried out by its technical department, but you must keep in mind that manufacturers do not include in their collateral damage that may suffer resulting from a storm. In part it is normal because not only influence the materials it is essential that the store is mounted correctly.


We hope this post will be useful to choose the best camping tent for you and your family.