Chanel Presents The Definitive Sunglasses

Recently I showed the collection of sunglasses that it has launched Chanel for the Summer 2007. I stayed with some that, despite withtinue to think they are cute, they have nothing to do with these that I show you now.

Sunglasses huge and completely round, with two-color crystals and a thick pvc frame in black. Are original and extremely avant-garde, an object of desire for any fashionista.

They are the definitive sunglasses. I love. Do not you find them great? I want some!

The sunglasses Haute Couture parade of Autumn/Winter 2007 / 2008 Chanel, the breath was taken from more than one of the bystanders. For this reason, the footballer Lagerfeld has launched and will sell these exclusive glasses in an Edition a lot more than limited.

Feathers, accompanied by pearls and semi-precious stones give a refined Baroque touch boldest Camellia House sunglasses.

The points of sales These jewels for eyes, and never better, they will only be Chanel shopping and will go on sale the month of January 2008. So you know, if you are of those women who like jewels everywhere, id running Chanel because I believe that these glasses will bring much tail.

Via the divine l