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The chandelier is probably the classic under the chandeliers. He is a pendant, which is characterized by the use of mostly many light sources and various elements to the reflection of light. These elements often consist of glass, Crystal, gemstones or even plastic. One of the largest chandelier of its kind is to find in the City Hall of Vienna, by the way. He has a proud diameter of five meters and weighs about 3,200 kilograms. The greatest lead crystal chandeliers of the world in turn is located in the Muayede Salonu of Dolmabahçe Saray. He weighs an imposing 4.5 tons and has over 750 lamps. In everyday life, such huge chandeliers are less used. However they be suspended even today still mainly like demanding households for purposes of representation. In addition, primarily a best possible lighting of a room, chandelier serve of course. This can be the living room, the dining room, or even the entrance of an apartment or a House. There are a variety of forms and designs. A simple, more flame chandelier made of brass with gold plating and candle-shaped bulbs is still popular. For a modern décor, there are chandeliers, for example from chrome and glass with flexible arms. For the traditionalists are also chandeliers with holders for real candles available. Or how about a fine luster of gold-plated metal parts and valuable lead crystals that conjure up particularly glittering effects in your living room? Whether noble or antique, modern or classic: Chandelier is there in all colors and shapes. Immerse in the colourful world of chandeliers and take advantage of the huge offer at fair prices. Today go to successful shopping tour and set new accents with your new chandelier by bridgat in your rooms!