Cell Phone Apps are Pretty Curious

Apps are incredibly useful, but they also like accessing personal data. Who wants to can check this but both iOS and Android and are the apps in their place.

From everyday life with Smartphone apps are no longer indispensable. They are also just too practical and also mostly free of charge. And those that cost something, hit mostly with some cents to beech. Although they are so useful, you need to certainly not leave if they begin to spy on them but also not all fallen. Many apps that evaluate the personal data, to show the user for example advertising that is tailored to him and the then the app provider earns his money. The problem is not the advertising, but the profile of education, but says Simone Vintz, project manager multimedia of Stiftung Warentest. Stiftung Warentest has found that many apps send unique device identifiers, which with other information about the cell phone assigned to the user. “The app provider then know what apps on this phone run, in which country the device is, what age and sex of the user”, so the consumer activist. Especially Vintz warns health apps, because they can deliver some very personal data.

Similar to’s look at shopping apps and games – here, too, there is the risk that the purchase or gambling will redirected and you could load into a drawer. There have been been cases where users no longer had can, pay by credit card or direct debit only due to their data or their friends on Facebook. Due to the profile they were classified as not trustworthy enough.

Users are but not defenseless. So, you should specify only data that are really needed and install only apps that come from reputable providers. Stiftung Warentest tests apps again and also the TÜ Rheinland has even an online data bank for this. Before downloading apps you should also first search on the Internet about it and read the reviews of other users.