Casio EX-H20G – Digital Camera with Positioning

The world’s first camera Casio introduces these days at the Photokina with the EX-H20G, which combines GPS and motion sensors for determining position. The camera is ideal for planning, to the Geotagging to create holiday albums, to display the current location and the location on the map.

Casio EX-H20G - Digital Camera with Positioning

The position can be determined even in buildings. If no GPS signal is received within buildings, the camera calculates the position using a three-way accelerometer and a three-way direction sensor. Back outdoors the system updates the position information based on the precise location determination by the GPSSignal. This system is ideal for a digital camera and allows the immediate positioning at any time and in any place.

Thanks to an intelligent power management for each operating situations, for example is when the camera is not used or is turned off, a quick and precise position determination with only low energy consumption is possible.

The camera offers numerous features specifically for the holiday:

  • World Atlas with detailed maps of 140 cities and 12 cities in Japan
  • The current location and the location of photos and movies are shown on the map
  • Photos are saved with location information, including latitude and longitude, recording direction and place names
  • The internal memory contains about 10,000 photos of popular tourist attractions around the world. The camera can determine the direct distance from the current position to the attraction and show on the map.
  • The integrated database allows the camera with approximately 1 million place names to display the location of photos on the screen
  • Place names and other information can be embedded when shooting in the photo
  • The route of travel is continuously recorded even in the switched off and stored in the memory
  • Recording HD videos at H. 264 video format
  • Via the HDMI interface can display slide shows of vacation photos on your TV

The EX-H20G is equipped with a 24 mm wide angle lens with 10 x optical zoom. In addition, the camera has zoom, which allows a good image quality at 14.1 megapixel photos when used together with the optical zoom of the single frame SR zoom through a 15fach.

A clever camera as I find that shows the trend of future digital compact cameras. For Wallace, the EX-H20G is perfect. You know thanks to Geotagging and storing the recording direction later exactly where you took a photo.

The Casio EXILIM EX-H20G is available from end of November for a projected store retail price of €300 in the trade. There’s more information coming soon on